Slow Wins the Race…part 3

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One paragraph to share personal good news. I’m off to a good start with the new job. I still intend to keep fire fighting and jiu jitsu and weight lifting (these biceps don’t get this way on accident!) But the new job is going well. My boss only has one picture on his wall and it’s of Pope Benedict XVI! And he quoted the Baltimore Catechism in today’s homily! A priest after my own heart!! God had mercy on me after this past rough year! Please keep this in your continued prayers.

And now for today’s topic, which will just mention 2 non-catholic sources that back up the first two blogs on this topic! Links are provided if you’d like to read or reread them! Continue reading “Slow Wins the Race…part 3”

The Wild St. Augustine

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The following is my contribution to a book to be published, but since it took some time and work from me, I figured I would add it to my blog. Plus, I’m not famous with not that many subscribers to my blog, that I think I’m safe to release this before the publication. So here ya go! St. Augustine, pray for us! Continue reading “The Wild St. Augustine”

Old school Dating/marriage

Preface: today’s blog is not directed at anyone as I’m not available due to discernment and caring for my mom fulltime. If God gives me enough time to move on from the single vocation, I believe this is a season of preparation. Continue reading “Old school Dating/marriage”

St. Francis de Sales/Convertibles

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Last night I have a nice dinner with a friend, Fr. Tim, who is an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales. We had a great evening conversing over catholic old school topics, and current events unfortunately happening in our Church today. That was my ideal kind of night. Bonus is that we had pizza for dinner #cheatDay! Continue reading “St. Francis de Sales/Convertibles”

My Bio: The Aggressive Phlegmatic

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The following article gives great ideas for Lenten sacrifices based on your temperament:

If you look at the phlegmatic suggestions, I not only already do them all year round, but I go overboard with them. Continue reading “My Bio: The Aggressive Phlegmatic”

Captain Marvel – A Surprising Chestertonian Review

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Captain Marvel is a current box office hit in theaters. The movie world seems to be on the rise with more and more females as the central hero (think Wonder Woman, Hunger Games, and even Star Wars’ “The Last Jedi”) Continue reading “Captain Marvel – A Surprising Chestertonian Review”

Dung…St. Edmund Campion…


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Going old school to the 16th century, today’s quote on dung by St. Edmund Campion is not just beautiful but drop dead gorgeous. Heck, even the word “beautiful” is in the quote! Over the years my reading has brought me to other “dung” quotes so I’ll have to make a series out of this on this blog. One “dung” quote was used by St. Thomas More towards Martin Luther. Another “dung” quote is from St. Paul in Scripture.

But here’s today’s quote: Continue reading “Dung…St. Edmund Campion…”