Patron Saint of Savage, Fierce Men? (Saint Moses the Black)

Notice the question mark on the title of this blog because I don’t know if Saint Moses the Black is actually the patron saint of savage, fierce men.  But if you know his story, it would make sense to make him as that patron saint!  I originally wanted to entitle this blog, “Patron Saint of Bad (insert three letters here) Men?” but I want this blog to be family friendly 🙂
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Richer, older, stronger “Guardian Angel Prayer”

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Here’s the “old school” Guardian Angel Prayer from back in the day if you’d like to pray this with your child(ren) (but we’re all children of God so you can pray this for yourselves too!)  But here are some comments before we get to the prayer:
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Lord, I pray for the strength of a unicorn 🙏💪

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Did you know one of the ways the Bible describes God’s strength is by that of the unicorn?!  How cool is that?!  (some of you are probably thinking, “this is crazy train, Mike”)  But hear me out.  It’ll become more sane while at the same time still staying awesome.
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Importance of men’s looks to women (Jane Austen)

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In our Diocese, one of the many fun topics of conversation in the catholic single young adult scene (among the guys) has “how important are men’s looks to women.  We’ve agreed for the most part that it’s definitely important.

To go old school, we’ll take a look into the women’s world of reading Jane Austen’s works of fiction (do any men out there read Jane Austen?), we’ll see our assumptions have been correct!  Jane Austen describes Mr. Darcy as:
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Does one grow slow or fast in the spiritual life? (Law of Gradualism)

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You probably already know the answer based on: 1) experience and 2) writings from popes and saints and 3) the picture above!  It would SEEM we SHOULD grow quickly in the spiritual life since as humans (for hobbits this is especially the case), we love comfort.  We love immediate gratification.  We’re used to getting everything we want instantly.  We have all these time saving devices-e.g., (going old school for a second…e.g. stands for exempli gratia in Latin, which means “for example”, not i.e. which is also Latin but is oftentimes misused in place of e.g.!) washer/dryers, microwaves, drive thru’s, cars, PayPal, etc. (etc. also comes from Latin! It’s short for et cetera which is Latin for “and the rest.”
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Don’t be a light (stain glass windows)

When you read the title, “Don’t be a light”, you must’ve thought to yourself, “Mike, we’re supposed to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth!  It’s Scriptural!” (Matthew 5: 13-14) And yes, I agree not only because it’s from Scripture, but also it’s a quotation of Jesus’ own words about us!  But as we’ll see in the upcoming G.K. Chesterton quote, we want to be distinct in this statement that it’s Christ’s light shining through us rather than solely our light by ourselves.  I thought about entitling this blog, Don’t be your own light, as that would’ve been the accurate message of this blog. But then Don’t be a light sparks the, “Hey Mike, but…” and I always like a lively discussion.

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