Hot marriage, hot summer

Summer is one of my four favorite seasons. I love it because I can take off my shirt while working in the yard. Here’s me in a casual white undershirt. No need to be dressing nicely when the days are longer and we need to relax from the heat.

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A diary entry for today – Grieving Separation

In my morning’s spiritual reading, I read Saint Francis de Sales asking us to imagine doves in the sky flying with different colors. Then he quotes King David in the book of Psalms, “Even while you sleep among campfires, the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold” (Psalms 68:13)

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Getting Back on Tract (and Track too!)

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a treasure from the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), so I think we’re due for another gem!

During a TLM, we sometimes have what’s known as a tract.  When I first saw this in the TLM Roman Missal, I wondered what it meant.  I was aware of tracts handed out by Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestants, Catholics and even myself when I was in High School with the Junior Legion of Mary.  But what is a tract as a prayer? 

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“Planet Fitness” Church or “Crossfit” Church

I love to work out.  And it seems most of the rest of America loves it also.  There’s regular gyms.  There’s hip places like Orange Theory.  One gym I find interesting from a recent television commercial is Planet Fitness.  The commercial had a ripped, buff, muscle-ly jock so it instantly caught my full attention (but not in the same sex attraction kind of way!  (Just to be clear about that).  Anyways, he said he would NEVER go to a Planet Fitness gym because they don’t have enough mirrors for him so he could look at himself all the time.  They promote a “no intimidation” or “judgment free” atmosphere.  They also allow for NO GRUNTING.  Contrast this self conscious, self aware atmosphere with a “forget about yourself” and “focused on the workout/gains” atmosphere of a place like Crossfit.  #strengthIsTheGloryOfaMan #moralStrength #abilityToControlOneself #beautyIsFineForaGuyButStrengthIsHisGlory #checkOutMyHashTags

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Vere Latitat (truly hidden)

One of my favorite songs is Where is the love by the Black Eyed Peas. Another favorite song of mine with pretty much that same title is Where’s the Love by Hanson. Both songs are catchier than cholera! But why are these pop secular bands asking this question when there are tons and tons of music about “love”? And people throughout the day say to each other “have a NICE day!” Maybe the world yearns for a tough, courageous, sacrificial, unconditional love. (A.D.D. flashback to CS Lewis’ book on The Four Loves. Another A.D.D. flashback to the commonly used online phrase “church of nice” used in a negative sense.) But it seems our culture supposedly filled with “love” is seeking for another kind of “love.” What, Shakespeare pray tell, is that love the world is seeking?

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More Turtles (slow/gradual part 2)

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One of my earlier blogs on going slow in the Spiritual Life seemed to have been a bigger hit than some of my other blogs. Soooo, I thought I’d share that I came across a quote from Saint Thomas Aquinas to continue the message of that blog. In his Summa Theologica ( (if you can use those numbers to locate it in the Summa, that’s a sign you might have a Dominican spirituality haha!) There, Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote:

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Party like it’s Nineteen Ninety…oh wait, it’s 2018! (Saint John Vianney)

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In the book, The Sermons of The Cure of Ars, (Tan Publications), we have an old school saint encouraging others to be old school too! He mentions the older days than even his day! On page 200, Saint John Vianney said:

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