About me

My life is mostly OLD SCHOOL.  Keyword, “mostly”, because: 1) I’m writing on here 2) I drive a car instead of a horse 3) I use time saving devices like a washing machine.  But below are examples of the many ways I am “Old School.”  (by the way, I’m not old school just for the sake of being old school.  Thinking that older is better is a form of chronological snobbery.  C.S. Lewis used this to describe modernism which argues that newer is better).  The aspects of my life that I choose to go the old school route is for the benefits of that particular way.

Examples of going “old school” in my life include:
My eating habits:  Avoiding processed foods, intermittent fasting, alternating between carnivorism and vegetarianism and veganism (as ancestors would have access to plants seasonally and meat from animal availability).
My weight lifting habits:  I do not use machines which isolate muscles.  I do functional movements using barbells which use balance as well as multiple muscle groups at the same time. Why workout with a machine, when YOU can BE the machine! 💪🏋️‍♂️
My musical interests:  Instead of listening to mp3’s or iTunes, I am a lifelong student of playing the guitar, violin, piano, and ukulele.
My reading:
  I read A LOT.  But what’s old school about my reading is my strong preference to hard copy books over e-books.  I feel I can concentrate and focus better this way.
My grocery shopping: Walk there without the car and check out with a person as opposed to the “do it yourself” check out line.  Get yourself some human contact!
My phone:  I use a flip phone. (benefits include but not limited to doing something harder and removing the temptation to use the Internet too much).
My side hustle:  I’ve done some part time work on a farm!  Ducks, chickens, and sheep walking around everywhere like they’re pets.
Mowing the Lawn: 
I own and prefer using my push mower (DOES NOT USE GAS OR ELECTRICITY) for several reasons such as: you get a harder, better, more intense workout, it spreads the grass more evenly, it’s healthier for the grass (snipping rather than chopping/tearing), it’s more peaceful due to the softer sound, and it’s obviously good for the environment. 
Due to a busy schedule, I don’t use these as much as I would like, but I do indeed own a vinyl record player and a type writer.
My faith:  I love the wisdom of the early Church Fathers, old hymns, Latin prayers, and all the many rich treasures in the history of our Church.