Mary’s Munificence


Where does the time go?  This is my 64th blog since starting this a year ago at about this time.  But here’s an update:  I’m planning to blog LESS frequently going forward for the benefit of both myself and subscribers.  Instead of about once a week, I’ll plan to blog once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Maybe even once a month.

The benefit for me would be better quality writing and thinking.  Just by the very nature of online writing, what used to be better formed arguments degrade to aphorisms.  Thoughts become puns.  Rhetoric becomes telegram style.  Now even though it’s downgraded, aphorisms, puns, and telegrams are still intelligent.  Just not as deep.  Thus, the resolution to spend more time in deep thought yet still keep the not as deep intelligence.

The benefits for subscribers is hopefully to spend time not on the Internet and more into harder books such as War and Peace.  We have to try to spend at least a little bit of time with harder material #glorifyGodWithTheGiftOfInterllienceWhichHeGaveUs.

I know War and Peace could be read as an eBook, but the electronic device is associated with notifications and multi-tasking and switching constantly, that I don’t think reading it as an eBook would be as effective and as deeply read.

Plus, it’s crazy that thanks to Google, even my much older posts get viewed even to this day.  So there’s no need to hurry myself.

“Further, a slow step is thought proper to the magnanimous man… for the man who takes few things seriously is not likely to be hurried…” –Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
Ok, now for today’s topic!  Mary’s munificence!
One of my favorite saints is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  He was a lay third order Dominican and for his Dominican name, he picked Girolamo who was burned at the stake for fiery preaching against the Church’s corruption at his time.  He was actually encouraged to choose a different name, but he kept his ground.  #myKindOfGuy
Frassati also had a great love for Mary.  He kept a rosary in his pocket at all times.  He took extra effort to visit Marian churches in Turin.  He took an extra role in Marian processions through the streets.  He would give rosaries as gifts to his friends.  These rosaries were made out of plant seeds that grew in the family’s garden.
Frassati prayed a Marian prayer of Saint Bernard found in Dante’s Paradiso.  The last line of this Marian prayer goes as follows:
“In thee is mercy, in thee pity, in thee munificence, in thee is found whatever go goodness is in any creature.”
Munificence?  #oldSchoolWord? #oldSchoolSwole?
I had to look that up in the Webster’s dictionary.  Munificence means, “characterized by great generosity.”
That’s a beautiful thought to meditate on today about Mary.  #getThoseGenerousAbundantMarianGraces
Going old school Marian,
Mike Panlilio

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