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You’re reading the title correctly.  There is a private discussion group between just the writers/contributors to a major Catholic website that I contribute articles to (I won’t mention the website to not further add fuel to the fire for them). But anyways, last week on Wednesday was the Feast day of St. Anthony and we wanted to have an article with the title of “St. Anthony: Cooler than just finding lost shit.”  It had to be changed from “shit” to “crap” to not offend certain individuals.  Well, guess what.  “Crap” still offended tons of people!  We received, “this disgusts me.” And “I never thought I’d see the “C” word used in a Catholic website and in the title at that!”

All I have to say is that the C word, S word, F word, B word, may not be dignified, but I don’t think they’re immorally wrong because they refer to:
1) dung,
2) the conjugal act within the context of the chaste and loving marriage
3) a female dog.

People may use it to out of anger, but the intention to hurt and put down is the sinful determinant of the human moral act, not the word.  Think about it…a knife is morally neutral, but it can used for good (to cut a steak) or for evil (to murder).  It’s the same thing with words.  Those “bad” words can be used to put someone down, or they can be used in a calm, light hearted, and objective manner.

BUT, I WILL say that there is ONE word that should NOT be said lightheartedly!!!

And that’s the name of our Lord.  In fact, you can make reparation for those who use His name lightly but making a slight bow of your head (so not noticeable to others and therefore not giving off a “holier than thou” posture to others) every time you hear His name said irreverently.  This would be an extension of bowing our heads during our Lord’s name at the Latin Mass.

On one last note, I would think I should NOT write this article, since I work for the Catholic Church right now and could get chewed out…but guess what.  I’m trusting in God’s plan.  Maybe there will be complaints that will cause unsatisfaction to my boss and his boss…But I’m doing it anyways 🙂

Feel free to comment below if you disagree.  It’s possible that I could be wrong!  I’m just speaking on emotions right now!

For more on using the word “shit” or “dung”, you can visit my other article at:

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Going old school with a chip on my shoulder,

8 thoughts on “Shit!”

  1. Mike,

    There is a lot that can be said about using “curse” words. Some point to the immediate offense that they can cause, others take the point of view that they are not inherently immoral. The argument that I take is that we should not use words that will disrupt the peace between people. To get at the heart of the matter, some people enjoy curse words because they provide a momentary release from the apparent pressure of being good. However, I do not think that saying them provides any peace. The relaxation that may come from saying them eventually leads to an uneasiness where the attention of a person is no longer of things of heaven but on things of earth. That shift from what is divine to those things of earth is what causes a disruption of peace between people.

    Many men will probably disagree with my comment. They will espouse the position that it is not immoral to say curse words. My reply would be, why say a curse word when you can take a higher road? the higher road means saying something else, saying something positive or staying silent. It is harder to not say a curse word than to say it; and usually that which is harder is holier.

    These are my two cents. It is not easy to say clean speech. But it is certainly worth it.


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  2. Mike,
    The rebel in me likes the countercultural aspect of avoiding vulgar words (even though they still slip out sometimes). And when I hear God’s name blasphemed, I whisper, “Mercy,” which redeems the blasphemy, turning it into a beautiful prayer, “Jesus, mercy.”

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  3. While vulgar language none of these words are as you note necessarily evil. My aunt’s priest told her that if she needed to let off steam, these words are not so bad. It was seriously wrong to use language that took the Lord’s name or any of the saint’s in anger or hate or expressed a desire to send people or others to the netherworld. So coupling the vulgar language to evil intent would become a problem but other than that it is just vulgar and one can argue ithey are so ubiquitous and used as an all purpose substitute word that in many usages these words are benign. In the context mentioned, the word shit refers to stuff of little value. It could also in another context, refer to stuff of great value if you are a farmer. I once got away with a speech on shit in high school- well ok, I did substitute the more genteel word, manure. Yet everyone knew I was talking about some deep agricultural and scientific truths about s* and as a result, I did not get in deep S* over it! I’ve had friends doubt me when I told the story and exclaim in disbelief “no s*! You aren’t s*ing me are you?” Even To state holy * is a back handed way of saying something seemingly vile could astonishingly be elevated to the holy! So it becomes a substitute for unbelievable. Yet we know unlike our protestant high reformation friends that God can transform and restore us when we are corrupted by and deadened by sin into new life. We are not beings covered by dung or s* but beings that can be restored to the image of God himself. Beings that can be elevated to the Holy!! To be holy is to wipe out all traces of that which is not holy. So yes S* can end up being a quite holy word used in the right context and manner.

    Then there are other contexts where these words are used to express hate and desires that another suffer pain or death or eternal damnation. Then I would agreee that in these instances, they are truly vile. Yet, the same would be true if the intent was expressed in the most prettified, genteel language suitable for the most most prim and proper of places.

    Lastly, going to mortal verbal combat over this seems to me to be a huge waste of time as any noncombatant is going to be repulsed by the manure and excrement flung by and sticking to those wishing ill or defaming others in the process of indeed it has gotten to that point!

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