The Gift of Godliness

Before getting to today’s topic, I’d like to share a blog written by Monsignor Charles Pope that came out on the ArchDiocese of Washington website pushing for an old school come back for the emphasis on Pentecost.  Here’s 1 point to mention from the blog to get ya interested in checking it out:  Since 1970, we lost the Octave of Pentecost (thank God we still have the octaves for Christmas and Easter) as well as calling Sundays, “the first Sunday after Pentecost, the second Sunday after Pentecost…”  Instead, we call it, “the first Sunday in Ordinary time, the second Sunday in Ordinary time…”  You can find the article at:

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And now for today’s topic!  Happy Tuesday within the Octave of Pentecost (on the old school calendar that is)! In keeping with Pentecost, we’ll bring up an Old School Gift of the Holy Spirit.  And this is definitely old school because we don’t see or hear this term today.  I don’t know exactly how or when it was dropped, but it was dropped.  And I know this because I’ve worked for the Catholic Church in Religious Education and not just one Catholic Church but several.

Anyways, the gift is…the gift of Godliness!  And I’m getting the following quote from The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B.  I’ve mentioned him before on this blog, but in case you missed that one, I came across his writings during my time in Front Royal, Virginia.  Apparently, the parochial vicar before I arrived based most or all of his homilies from this series.

Concerning the Gift of Godliness, Gueranger wrote:

“The gift of the fear of God is intended as a cure for our pride; the gift of godliness is infused into our souls by the Holy Ghost, in order that we may resist self-love, which is one of the passions of our fallen nature, and the second hindrance to our union with God.  The heart of a Christian is not made to be either cold or indifferent; it must be affectionate and devoted…The Holy Ghost, therefore, put the gift of godliness into the soul, by inspiring her with a filial affection for her Creator.”

There’s much more on this gift if you’d like to order the book! (volume IX – Paschal Time Book Three). Unlike other sites, I don’t currently make profit from referrals.  But order it, if you would like to go deeper into the Liturgical year in the old school way through this French Benedictine monk and priest who was born in 1805.

I love the quote above for several reasons, but one reason for the public is that Old School Catholicism has a reputation for being harsh and cold (or hot with the fire and brimstone sermons).  We might go hard with fighting our sins, but we are soft in our hearts for our Lord.  My favorite words in this quote are affectionate and affection.

Holy Spirit Prayer

Come O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle within them the fire of Thy love. Amen

Going affectionately old school and praying for the gift of godliness,




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