Slow as a Turtle (part 4)

Today’s personal note actually related to today’s blog topic!  My personal note is that I asked my priest boss if I could ring the bells during the weekday Masses (during the Epiclesis, we get one ring, and during the consecration when Our Lord is lifted up for all to adore, we get 3 rings…and same for the Blood of Our Lord).  You can think of it as trumpets solemnly resounding and praising at the arrival of our King.  It relates to today’s topic of going slow because we may not be able to bring all our traditions back in one day, but this little bit is at least a step forward.  As small as it is.

And now for today’s topic.  In an earlier blog, I mentioned how Lent was practiced during medieval times.  In those days, Catholics didn’t eat meat on ALL days of Lent.  And not only that, but you couldn’t eat ANY kind of food until 3pm.  It’s gradually gotten easier and easier to the present day.  For those of us who want the good ol’ days again, it could be wise to work your way gradually to something as tough as that.  Take it not from me, but from a Saint/Bishop from the 4th century.

“Don’t try to be extremely disciplined right away.  Above everything beware of your own confidence, lest you fall from a height of discipline because of lack of training.  It is better to move ahead a little at a time.  So then, withdraw from the pleasures of life little by little.  Gradually destroy all your evil habits, lest you bring on yourself a mass of temptation by stirring up all your passions at once.  When you have mastered one passion, then begin waging war against another.  And before long you will get the better of them all.” -St. Basil the Great

St. Basil the Great, pray for us.

Today’s blog, was part 4 of the Slow topic…for part 3, visit:

Slowly going more and more old school,
Mike Panlilio

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