Magnum Est

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We all know Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, and her message of doing small things with great love. As a man, I love that there’s a male saint who essentially said the same thing!  I present to you the surprisingly similar message from St. Augustine…first in Latin, then translated into English…

Quod minimum, minimum est,
Sed in minimo fidelem esse,
magnum est.

What is a little thing, is just a little thing.
But to be faithful in a little thing
is a great thing.

-St. Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana, IV, 35.

We can do this:

  • in how we celebrate Mass (for priests),
  • in how we reason (some people do not reason well! #takeALogicClass #prayForWisdom),
  • in our prayer lives (don’t rush and silence is your friend!),
  • and obviously in our relationships (especially for married people).

Now go out there and do the little things well!

3 thoughts on “Magnum Est”

  1. I really appreciate this quote from St. Augustine. It speaks many volumes about the mountain of sanctity we are meant to climb. The small steps make up the large staircase!

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