Old school Dating/marriage

Preface: today’s blog is not directed at anyone as I’m not available due to discernment and caring for my mom fulltime. If God gives me enough time to move on from the single vocation, I believe this is a season of preparation.

There is so much wisdom in the old ways of dating and marriages versus today’s ways. I’ll present the facts in chronological order from the good old days to now and I’ll let you meditate on wisdom lost.

  1. The ancient Greeks approached love as a process and needing time to develop. Contrast that with today’s “love at first sight” or “instant connections.”
  2. So much to say in here, but marriages took place for various practical reasons and true love blossomed slowly and deeply.
  3. 19th century=period of Romanticism=emotions and feelings are higher than reason and the intellect.
  4. 20th century=the term “soulmate” becomes popular.

Everyone knows the increase in divorce rates the past couple centuries…so let’s connect the dots…

You might mention that recently, the divorce rates are no longer increasing. But that’s another story with the millennials not getting married…because they’re still looking for their “soulmate.”

Closing thoughts

I believe God’s love for us falls under the old school way of love. If it were about feelings, we’d be wiped out due to our sins. But He’s patient to allow us to fall deeply in love with Him that takes time as does all good relationships and marriages.

Go old school and don’t let your feelings take priority over your intellect.


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