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Last night I have a nice dinner with a friend, Fr. Tim, who is an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales. We had a great evening conversing over catholic old school topics, and current events unfortunately happening in our Church today. That was my ideal kind of night. Bonus is that we had pizza for dinner #cheatDay!

Dedicating today’s blog to him, I am sharing a St. Francis de Sales quote:

“In the time of the Apostles there were miracles beyond number…Why then would you have the same Church now cease from miracles? What reason would there be?”

-St. Francis de Sales, page 130 in The Catholic Controversy. TAN publications.

Why do I share this quote? Because perhaps the answer lies in going old school to the earlier days when miracles were a fruit of faith, grace, and obedience. Maybe we can learn from the earlier days and see how we’ve strayed.

Here’s my favorite quote from the same page because of the word thundering as well as mentioning Marcus Aurelius.

“After that time, (the time of the Apostles) who knows not the miracles, related by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, worked by the prayers of the legion of Christian soldiers who were in his army, which on this account was called thundering?”

Let’s pray for a return to the good ol’ thundering days.

Bonus material: on the back cover of the book, it says that St. Francis de Sales converted 72,000 Protestants to the Catholic faith. #what! #sweet!

Go old school my friends,
Mike Panlilio

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