Captain Marvel – A Surprising Chestertonian Review

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Captain Marvel is a current box office hit in theaters. The movie world seems to be on the rise with more and more females as the central hero (think Wonder Woman, Hunger Games, and even Star Wars’ “The Last Jedi”)

If G.K. Chesterton were alive today, how would he review Captain Marvel? In regards to the hero being a woman, I believe he would have a more than favorable review.

Feminism seems to be alive and strong in our world today. I believe Chesterton would be more pro-feminine than any feminist out there. Most feminists want to “liberate” women from the family and home, and into the workplace. Chesterton has a different view than these feminists as he sees how small the workplace is and how gigantic the home is. Indeed, the majority of jobs are easier to work than teaching the universe to a son or daughter.

Chesterton wrote about the largeness of raising children saying, “It is something smaller in size, yet larger in scope…it has a character of unity and universality that is not found in any of the fragmentary experiences of the office or the shop or the bureau.”

Women have this opportunity to do something larger than any job or career outside of the home. They also have a “superpower” that men do not have. Women obviously can do everything men can in regards to the mind and body. Except for one thing. They can give birth to new life. Ok, women have a second “superpower.” They’re prettier than men.

Chesterton views women as having a high calling in saving our world. Indeed a calling that men have never been able to do.

Last but not lease, let’s not forget Mary, the Mother of God, and our Mother as well. Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

Mike Panlilio

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