Removing the name of Jesus

Not only do some people horribly say Jesus name when things don’t go their way, but also is His name removed from certain prayers. I was leisurely reading The Catechism in Examples by Fr. Chisholm (published in 1919 so old school for the win!) and I was curious any changes in prayers.

And there it was. The devil is in the details. I saw the “Grace before Meals” prayer was the same except for one small (in terms of the number of words, but huge spiritually speaking) difference. The name of Jesus is said and prayed in the older version of “Grace before Meals!” Instead of the current common Grace before Meals prayer, “…from thy bounty through Christ our Lord…”, it has,”from thy bounty through JESUS Christ our Lord.”

You might say that it’s implied in the word, “Christ.” I bet it is implied. But remember that Christ is not a nickname (Which I’m sure is the common erroneous belief) but a title for the Messiah. And there’s power in the name of Jesus. Don’t take it from me. Here’s a quote from a saint :

Flog your enemies with the Name of Jesus, for there is no weapon more powerful in heaven or on earth.” – St. John Climacus

Old school challenge: Pray your grace before Meals with His Most Holy Name!

Going old school in our grace before meals prayer,

Mike Panlilio

4 thoughts on “Removing the name of Jesus”

  1. Thank you so much for pointing out how our Lords name Jesus has been change to Christ. This reminds me how my dad taught me how people were using His name in vain / inappropriately by saying jeez or gosh darn. Words used appropriately have the power to bring Jesus strength to our hearts and souls. But when used inappropriately they can harden hearts and souls from His love!
    Thank you Mike.

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