How Mike Knows When It’s Cold

close up of snowflakes on snow against sky
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This is the time of the year, where it seems that I hear the following comment almost daily:

“Mike, you’re going to get sick dressed like that.” -the world

To start off, let me know say that I’m not bitter or offended.  I just find it interesting.

Now, I’ll give reasons for why I do this. And by the way, I’m not an extremist. I wear a jacket when there’s a blizzard.

  1. Yes, God created us both soul and body, but the soul is supposed to overrule the body. This practice lends us the opportunity to keep our mind on higher things such as the day’s Mass readings, Roman Breviary, private devotions, meditations, etc. This is also the wisdom behind fasting (less time spent on food…body…and more time on growing in faith). You also see absent minded professors losing their eye glasses. They have their minds on “higher things.”
  2. Penance. We’ve grown so comfortable as a world that the only penances we do nowadays are just the penances we receive at Confession. Saints used to whip themselves, wear hairshirts, have a pebble in their shoe, etc. And if you’re sinless and therefore not in need of repsration for your sins, you can offer it up for the conversion of sinners and for the souls in purgatory!
  3. And if spiritual arguments won’t convince you, there are recovery reasons. We see professional athletes in different sports soaking themselves in ice baths after games and workouts. Yes, I just called myself a professional athlete #BecomeItIfYouBelieveIt #okItsNotAsEasyAsThat #butAtLeastItsAStart
  4. It’s cheaper than cryotherapy which is becoming more and more popular at least in the Virginia/DC area. Darn it for staying ahead of the crowd. But good for them for getting healthier.

And to address the sick argument. This is going to come across cold (not temperature wise, but as in insensitive): Just be proactive and take vitamin c supplements in the colder months!

Going old school with a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops,
Mike Panlilio

Reform the reform. Old school is cool. Old is the new new. Bringing old school back.

Bonus old school material:

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