Let’s have an even more bloody, gory Halloween this year

I remember right after college, I went to Kings Dominion during Halloween season. I vowed to never go there during that time of year ever again. I didn’t like the blood everywhere. But if gore is your thing, let’s channel it in remembrance of the following :

1. BLOOD in the Book of Maccabees. This book of the Old Testament is very gory! It’s also a strong Catholic scripture reference for apologetics on Purgatory. Which is timely to remember the souls in purgatory on the last day of October because November is traditionally devoted to praying for them not just on one day but for the WHOLE month.

2. The BLOOD of the Martyrs. Pray for us.

3. The BLOOD of Jesus crucified on the cross. Have mercy on us.

4. October 31st marks the anniversary of the day Martin Luther posted his 95 theses. You can’t get any more “gory” than cutting up the Mystical Body of Christ (the Church) into literally thousands of pieces (all the protestant denominations that we now have). Prayers for Christian unity.

5. The BLOOD sucking Dracula. He acts as an Anti-Eucharist by taking life rather than giving it. Satanists will have black Masses desecration the Eucharist. There are no black praise and worship services. Spoiler alert: Good prevails in the end (shocker). Also, the book has the Eucharist being the most powerful weapon against Dracula. Even over holy water and the crucifix. Whereas the movies had the crucifix being the most powerful. #bookAlwaysBeatsTheMovie And by the way, today I received my first ever crucifix necklace! Big thank you for my early birthday gift from my former assistant, Anne (but forever assistant, friend, and sister in Christ). I’ve worn scapulars and medals (before breaking them in sports and working out) but this is my first crucifix necklace! I love it! Here are benefits you receive from Sacramentals such as the crucifix straight from the old school Baltimore catechism:

  1. actual graces;

  2. the forgiveness of venial sins;

  3. the remission of temporal punishment;

  4. health of body and material blessings;

  5. protection from evil spirits.

Just be sure to have it blessed by a priest, use it to increase your devotion, and don’t use it as a superstition. And don’t be that guy that has a cross without the body of our Lord on it. #loveAllofHimEvenTheHardParts

Old School News

This is from a few months ago so it’s old in more than just one way. But haven’t added it to this blog yet…so here it is! #oldSchoolCassocksForTheWin


Going old school and bloody,

Mike Panlilio

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