Drama in our prayer life?

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I believe one factor in our daily suffering (to be offered and united with Christ’s suffering) is the drama of life.  There’s drama between who we are at the present moment and who we are made to be (perfect saints). So until we get to who God created us to be, it’s going to be a struggle. I know that I personally have a ways to go with my personal holiness. I’m in a new season in my life, but I hope to get closer to my vocation each day. That’s if I don’t pass before then, which is a very real possibility. #forAnyOneOfUsItCouldBeToday

Besides the drama of personal sanctity, it’s obvious that people seek out drama on the stage, in literature, books, movies, the news. Of course it’s the negative Catholic Church that gets on the secular news.  But even within the Catholic Church, many Catholics seek to read the negative Catholic Church news for most of their online reading.

In addition, I know single young adult guys who talk about dating and matching up personalities. The temperament of choleric is known to have the characteristic of drama. And another guy who doesn’t have any drama in his personality appreciates a personality that is complementary to his.

Now that it’s been argued that we all seek drama (some good, some bad) to some degree…I have some quotes about drama in regards to the Divine Office a.k.a. the Roman Breviary or Liturgy of the Hours.

In The Breviary Explained by Father Pius Parsch, published in 1952, he wrote the following on the Office of Readings:

Matins has not only the longest but also the most beautiful structure of all the hours. None of the others is so dramatic.

…the responsory is a highly dramatic element of the Office…Matins is a masterpiece of prayer. It is beautiful in its construction, it has a fine sense of the dramatic.

And concerning the daytime prayers, Fr. Parsch wrote:

They are genuine, well-formed prayers, replete with drama, vitality, and variety. We have every reason to believe that in the field of prayer the Breviary is a classic without equal.

Todays’ challenge: We can’t avoid drama, so try to fill or balance our lives with the drama of the Divine Office!

Going old school cool, and dramatic dynamic in prayer,
Mike Panlilio

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