Kavanaugh and the Seamless Garment

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I had a couple other blog ideas for this week, but I had to publish today’s blog since it’s currently on the everyone’s minds. #thisGuyIsRelevantForOnce

So no one knows FOR SURE whether Kavanaugh is guilty or not, but just in case you haven’t heard this theory, I’m sharing this today just for you!

The theory is that all these accusations came out on the day of Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because Kavanaugh is a guaranteed vote AGAINST sustaining the Roe v. Wade. #hesCatholic  #hesConservative

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said:

Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.

If this is the case behind the accusations, then the devil is fully alive in our country with protecting Roe v. Wade.  And the devil wouldn’t be active only in politics.  The devil as we’ve seen recently is active also in the Catholic Church.

A parallel example of the allowing abortion in the Catholic Church is the SCAM of the seamless garment in regardless to the pro-life movement.  It is true to respect life in all its stages, but to focus more on the other stages of life takes the focus away from the more grave situation of abortions taking place.

It takes away the focus from abortions just like the current saints calendar has the angels of St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael clumped together on the same feast day whereas before they had their own feast day. Now you can’t focus on each of them as well.

Many prayers for our country, our Church, and for the pro-life movement.

Note: There are many GOOD pro-life groups out there that are focusing on the abortion issue, so this doesn’t apply to them.
Note#2: The seamless garment is evil in this context, but in another context, the seamless garment can be good.  For example, G.K. Chesterton helped convert many people to the Catholic Church because he was able to bring many fields such as psychology, science, sociology, literature, philosophy, poetry, etc. all together to in one argument for each Church teaching he defended. #cantHateOnThat

Old School News Report

Last week, I reported there were: 1) actions to bring Ember days back and 2) an article educating the people about the old school action of NOT applauding during Mass.

More this week:
1) Now there’s been at least 5 U.S. bishops who recently have brought back the Saint Michael prayer after Mass.
2) And closer to home (my home that is…in my Diocese) St. Raymond’s Catholic Church in Springfield, Virginia very recently added the altar rail for the old school way of receiving Holy Communion.

Evil in our world seems to be growing, but the good side seems to be stepping it up as well.

Going old school and hopefully stepping it up on the good side,
Mike Panlilio

3 thoughts on “Kavanaugh and the Seamless Garment”

  1. I was very concerned when I read the title of this post. “Oh boy here’s another Catholic advocating the seamless garment” but I was very releaved to see you called it the scam that it is. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to equate abortion with all other issues even though abortion is one of the only issues that always results in death. Keep up the good work.

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