Apples and Sunglasses

One of my five love languages (yes, I have five out of five) is “words of affirmation.”  Sooooo, one of my favorite all time lines in the Roman Breviary during Night Prayer is, “Keep us, Lord, as the apple of thine eye.” How sweet is that?! For more on the sweetness of our faith, you can check out my other blog at:

I was reading an old school book where the copyright is from 1952. It’s entitled The Breviary Explained by Pius Parsch.  He also has a great series going through the Traditional Liturgical Year.  Anyways, on page 227 of The Breviary Explained, he commented on the sweet apple line.  He said:

“Guard me as the apple of Your eye. I need as much protection as the eye does, and I ask that I may be equally precious and dear to You.”

That’s a pretty kewl analogy.  We are great about protecting our eyes in the peak of the day.  We probably protect it more than we need to but that’s for a health blog.  Bottom line is that we are protective of our precious eyes.  Many times more, we should be much more protective of our precious relationship with Christ.

NOW, many of us may say, “Mike, I pray Night Prayer and I never see that line!” Well, that’s because you’re praying the Liturgy of the Hours (ordinary form) whereas this is found in the Roman Breviary (extraordinary form).  Both are the Divine Office just like we have 2 forms of the Mass.

I bought my copy from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in D.C. but you should be able to find it online (although rare).  I want to buy the full version, but it’s currently sold out at the only place that currently prints it (Baronius Press).  The version I have has Prime, mid-day prayer, and night prayer.

Other Old School News

  1. Old school ways have recently been popping up across the country.  Because of the crisis in our church today, in Pittsburgh, Bishop Zubik has asked all his clergy to take up the Ember days (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, just think fasting and prayer in Lent, but not limited to the season of Lent).
  2. ChurchPop, a ministry of EWTN, had a recent article about what Popes have said about applauding at Mass (short answer is no).  The common old school traditional take is that applauding is a) for entertaining which the Liturgy is not and b) takes away from the Sacredness of the Mass.
  3. Don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m just reporting! 🙂

That’s it for today my friends.  Short and sweet like Jesus’ love for us!  Oops, that applies to the sweet part.  Jesus’ love for us is not short, but rather very, very long.  You could even say infinite.

Going old school,
Mike Panlilio

2 thoughts on “Apples and Sunglasses”

  1. I am always the one guy that never claps in Church. People must think I’m a grinch. But I know this teaching and I’m putting reverence to God above people in His holy sanctuary.

    Also 5 people fasted last week with me on the ember day. God is soooo good.

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