Protection from Atomic Bombs

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Yes, you TOO can be a superhero with this kind of power!

St. Maximilian Kolbe (who I am infatuated with learning everything about his life leading up to his well known sacrifice at Auschwitz) had this protection thanks to the Rosary and our Lady, Mary!

The story is all in the following paragraph.  And that’ll be it for today.  (Apparently, my last blog was too lengthy. #dagger #tooMuchLove #can’tStopWon’tStop

“When the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, it exploded in the Urakami district of the city.  That district had been the heart and soul of Catholicism in Japan since the 16th century.  It was in this area that St. Maximilian Kolbe founded a Conventual Franciscan mission in the 1930s, calling it the “Garden of the Immaculate.”  When St. Maximilian settled on that particular property, he was informed that he had made a poor decision.  It was in a horrible location, he was told, since the property was facing away from the city, behind a hill, and situated in an area that nobody desired to visit.  The saint was unmoved, however, and the house was built on that property.  Miraculously, when the atomic bomb was dropped, the Franciscans’ house was left standing and all the friars inside were unharmed.  Just as the Jesuits had done at their house in Hiroshima, the Franciscans prayed the rosary every day in their house.  Our Lady had guided St. Maximilian to obtain a piece of property that would be protected from the bomb blast.”   -page 172 of Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Calloway, MIC (Congregration of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception)

Prayer: On today’s Feast of the Assumption, may we renew our devotion to our Mother through the rosary.  And may we love her Son, Our Lord, with transformed hearts that through grace are as Immaculate as the Heart of Mary.


Keeping it short and old school,
Mike Panlilio

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