Walking with Kettlebells (personalism)

This evening I walked with my mom. I like to live life with added challenges, so I walked while carrying one of my kettlebells. My mom commented, “Mike, you’re still losing weight and that thing is too heavy.” My inner voice then said, “my fat leaves my body and goes directly into the weights I lift!” How’s that for exercise science? 😇

In this new season of life that I’m in, I’ve had to be creative to help both my mom and myself. I always want to be growing in my life in different areas such as work skills, physical growth, intellectual growth, musical gifts (it’s always nice to start and close a talk with a prayer and song).

This leads me to introduce personalism to my blog. Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both have promoted personalism. In my current life’s example, there are 3 options for me. 1) care for my mom while losing myself, 2) forget about my mom and live only for me, and 3) care for both my mom as well as for me. Tonight’s walk with my mom and with my kettlebell is a small example of #3.

Saint Pope John Paul II gave the parallel 3 examples of 1) fascism (doing the common good but losing your individuality in the process, 2) individualism (focusing on yourself but providing no common good) and 3) personalism (others benefit from you while you also shine using the gifts God gave you).

I LOVE how Pope Benedict XVI describes personalism in his encyclical Caritas in Veritas (which means Charity in Truth). There he said,

“It is not by isolation that man establishes his worth, but by placing himself in relation with others and with God.”

One take away from personalism: share with others the gifts God gave you!

Prayer request: my mom couldn’t walk far. It was only one block and our block is short. Maybe it’s just an off day but just in case, please add this to your intentions if you can. Thank you!

Stay personalistic, cool and old school my friends,

Mike Panlilio

2 thoughts on “Walking with Kettlebells (personalism)”

  1. I agree Mike! Good job! Glad you were only carrying one! I with your mom on this one! But still you look nice cause I’m looking deeper! Prayers tonight for mom! …and you! Veritas!

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