Hot marriage, hot summer

Summer is one of my four favorite seasons. I love it because I can take off my shirt while working in the yard. Here’s me in a casual white undershirt. No need to be dressing nicely when the days are longer and we need to relax from the heat.

Summertime is also a time to exercise to get that beach bod ready! It’s also a time to exercise the virtue of modesty. Saint Jane de Chantal said one of the all time best modesty quotes in my opinion. She had a very happy, loving marriage (but a short 9 years before her husband died). She was so in love that it’s said that Jane dressed modestly while her husband was away. When a friend would address that about her, she would respond:

“The eyes which I want to please are a hundred miles from here.”

Now, I don’t know specific details about how Jane dressed while she was with her husband versus when away. But remember the virtue of modesty is applying prudence to different circumstances. I imagine that she still dressed appropriately while with him. But we get the message. How’s that for a hot marriage? #StepAsideNicholasSparks.

While on the topic of Saint Jane de Chantal, another fact about her life amazes me. After her husband died, she later entered the religious life and established 65 convents by the end of her life.

Lastly, I providentially came across an article related to a woman’s attire (in this case, at Mass). You’ll correctly guess I’m referring to the veil. I follow the website called ChurchPop which is a part of EWTN. Unlike me, ChurchPop keeps up with current trends whereas I’m usually far behind. Anyhoosies, the following article from ChurchPop says that veil use is on the rise.

For me, the article presents strong reasons for the veil. But even if you want to debate against these reasons, I would argue for veils if it helps a woman be more prayerful. Additionally, veils are part of our tradition. And we love family traditions, school traditions, sports traditions, country traditions…so why not love our church’s traditions?

This article also had a cool, old school tradition for men that I was previously unaware of. Apparently, there used to be a tradition where men would doff their hats while passing by a church. #iLikeThat #letsBringThatBack #devotion #rememberEucharisticPresence

Another article from CatholicPop to promote them as well as another old school tradition is:

A big headline today is on the sexual abuse of Cardinal McCarrick. And this CatholicPop article reports an ecclesiastical punishment from way back in the 11th century that is trending!

That’s it for this week my friends.

Stay cool and old school,

Mike Panlilio

8 thoughts on “Hot marriage, hot summer”

  1. The YouTube video in the ChurchPop article on the veil was very well done. I never really understood this tradition but this post has inspired me to try wearing a veil. I like how one woman described it in the video, “It’s like you’re in your own little tent with God…it helps you focus”. It’s amazing how one article of clothing can drastically change your entire experience at Mass but from everything the women described in the video, it sounds like something we definitely should bring back. Thanks for the inspirational post Mike!

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  2. Great essay. I too remember that tradition of tipping ones hat when passing a church . Given “something greater than Moses” is in a Catholic church tabernacle, it makes total sense to give a sign of respect. I still try to greet Our Lord interiorly if I see a Church. We men should wear more hats!

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    1. thanks for the comment! I can see where it seems to contradict each other. I see the body as a temple of God and a gift that we need to care for. There’s a fine line for sure for overdoing it. Everything in moderation except for our love for God. I like to exaggerate about being buff for Jesus but I think 99% of us, including myself would be happy to just get rid of half of our big stomachs. Or just not look terribly overweight. Then I would have modesty in this case referring to the attire over the body as distinct from the body itself…hope that helps.


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