“Planet Fitness” Church or “Crossfit” Church

I love to work out.  And it seems most of the rest of America loves it also.  There’s regular gyms.  There’s hip places like Orange Theory.  One gym I find interesting from a recent television commercial is Planet Fitness.  The commercial had a ripped, buff, muscle-ly jock so it instantly caught my full attention (but not in the same sex attraction kind of way!  (Just to be clear about that).  Anyways, he said he would NEVER go to a Planet Fitness gym because they don’t have enough mirrors for him so he could look at himself all the time.  They promote a “no intimidation” or “judgment free” atmosphere.  They also allow for NO GRUNTING.  Contrast this self conscious, self aware atmosphere with a “forget about yourself” and “focused on the workout/gains” atmosphere of a place like Crossfit.  #strengthIsTheGloryOfaMan #moralStrength #abilityToControlOneself #beautyIsFineForaGuyButStrengthIsHisGlory #checkOutMyHashTags


As we see the different types of gyms, we’ve seen the same with churches.  We have churches that focus on being non-judgmental and then we have churches that focus on devotions and piety.  It’s probably clear where I lean (go hard or go home…I fail a lot so I should go home but thanks to God’s grace I keep going).  Speaking of this topic, there’s a popular G.K. Chesterton quote that shares the argument of this blog.

“We do not want a church that will move with the world.  We want a church that will move the world.”

So let’s go hard or go home.  And yes, new people might feel intimidated.  But we can’t compromise.  We can tell those discouraged that we’re all sinners (including those who seem righteous) so we all need church.  And by the way, it’s rare for good Catholics to judge Catholics just coming into the church.  It’s rare for guys with rock hard bodies like me (can you tell humility is my strength?) to judge overweight people joining the gym.  It’s rare for adults to judge babies learning how to walk and talk.  So you can be both (going hard and being non-judgmental).

Being non-judgmental is good, but it doesn’t have to sacrifice a good quality church.

Going hard and going old school,
Mike Panlilio

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