More Turtles (slow/gradual part 2)

gray and green turtle swimming on water
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One of my earlier blogs on going slow in the Spiritual Life seemed to have been a bigger hit than some of my other blogs. Soooo, I thought I’d share that I came across a quote from Saint Thomas Aquinas to continue the message of that blog. In his Summa Theologica ( (if you can use those numbers to locate it in the Summa, that’s a sign you might have a Dominican spirituality haha!) There, Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote:

“Man acquires a share of this learning, not indeed all at once, but by little and little, according to the mode of his nature.”

To give this quote some context, Aquinas’ use of the word “learning” refers to us “knowing” God more and more.

Prayer: Lord, God, give us the grace of perseverance and patience with ourselves as we strive to grow closer to you and to know you better. Amen. Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

And if you didn’t read part 1 of the Slow/Gradual life, you are invited to check it out at:

God bless!
Mike Panlilio

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