Patron Saint of Savage, Fierce Men? (Saint Moses the Black)

Notice the question mark on the title of this blog because I don’t know if Saint Moses the Black is actually the patron saint of savage, fierce men.  But if you know his story, it would make sense to make him as that patron saint!  I originally wanted to entitle this blog, “Patron Saint of Bad (insert three letters here) Men?” but I want this blog to be family friendly 🙂

BUT my quotes below are NOT going to be so family friendly!  If you would NOT want your young children to see the movie, The Passion of Christ, due to the violence and gore then don’t let them read the quotations below!

Anyways, I was reading a Catholic historical fiction book on Saint Moses the Black called Moses the Black: Thief, Murderer, Monk, Saint by Jared Zimmerer.  Jared works for the Catholic Church in Adult Catechesis and has also been interviewed on EWTN!  I recommend this book (maybe just for the guys as it’s very manly!)  But I know there’s probably plenty of ladies who might like it too!  I’ll keep this blog short with my favorite quotes from the book: (warning…they’re all very manly quotes!)

“Well over a head taller than each of the guards, his body looked as if he was wearing armor.  Swollen muscles from head to foot…”

“Slicing into the left side of their stomach, the guards reached in and removed many of the internal organs.  With faces writhing, the victims tried their best not to scream.  Throwing aside the organs into a vase the guards waited a few moments before continuing, laughing at the pain being inflicted.  A long, thin metal spike with a hook on the end was then shoved into the victims’ nose as the guards shook the took in a circular motion, and with one slimy, ripping sound the majority of the victims’ brains were removed.”

“The crunching sound of a broken trachea reminded Moses of the crunch of fresh baked bread.”

“Ripping the dagger out of the vizier’s sheath, Moses thrusted the sharp point into the left eye of the victim.  Kaarle’s body writhed in shock and slid to the floor.”

Key Take Aways from These Quotes and from the Life of Saint Moses the Black

1) Let the violent quotes be a reminder of Jesus’ passion and death for us on the Cross (scheduled to send out this blog on Friday at 2:45 so maybe many people might read it in time for the 3pm Divine Mercy Hour)
2) Remember to love thy enemy.  If Saint Moses, a thief and murderer, could convert, your enemy might  convert one day as well.  Which reminds me of Saint Thomas More’s analysis in his writings from his last 2 years in prison before getting beheaded.  He said (I’m paraphrasing) if: a) your enemy is good, then you should love him b) if your enemy is bad, they might convert which means you’d both be in heaven loving each other anyway c) if your enemy stays bad and they go to hell, then that’s all the punishment needed so no need to add to that.
3) Add Saint Moses to your list of Intercessory Saints! (also know, this is NOT the Moses from the Old Testament.  Saint Moses the Black lived in the 4th century)

And if you’d like to, you can read more about this saint at the following links:

Going old school,
Mike Panlilio

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