Importance of men’s looks to women (Jane Austen)

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In our Diocese, one of the many fun topics of conversation in the catholic single young adult scene (among the guys) has “how important are men’s looks to women.  We’ve agreed for the most part that it’s definitely important.

To go old school, we’ll take a look into the women’s world of reading Jane Austen’s works of fiction (do any men out there read Jane Austen?), we’ll see our assumptions have been correct!  Jane Austen describes Mr. Darcy as:

“fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien.”

Furthermore, Jane Austen describes Mr. Bingley as “good looking.”

BUT, as guys know full well…women are complicated (if you look in the Book of Genesis, for each subsequent day of creation, everything is more complicated than the day before and Eve was created AFTER Adam!) and so it’s not only about looks!  In fact, according to Jane Austen’s works, the other non-physical characteristics of a man are MORE important than his looks (but looks are still important).  Elizabeth Kantor in her book The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After wrote that:

“A Jane Austen heroine judges a man’s ‘manner,’ his ‘address,’ his ‘understanding’ and ‘information,’ his ‘temper,’ his ‘principles,’ and so forth-before she starts thinking about whether he’s the perfect fit for her.  Or at least that’s the order she does her thinking in, if she’s going about picking her hero the right way.”

Old School Take Away for the Guys:

  • Lift weights (God gave us muscles so let’s praise Him for this gift!)  Plus God also made us body AND soul, so we can’t put all our time and energy on only the soul.  God wants us to care for our bodies too! #theologyOfTheBody #SaintPopeJohnPaulIItheGreat
  • Strive to be a virtuous, chivalrous, and kind gentleman.  Be the “best version of yourself” as Matthew Kelly would say.  Pray as we need God’s grace and strength to be the saint He’s calling us to be.  Do something tough like reading the Bible in Latin! It would help your soul AND exercise your mind (for those guys who want multiple benefits a.k.a. “life hacks” and “winning life choices.”  In conclusion, all of these non-physical qualities are even MORE important than looks (even though looks are indeed important).

Everyone feel free to argue, debate, compliment or anything else in the comment section below!  God bless!

Going old school,
Mike Panlilio

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