Don’t be an Imbecile (G.K. Chesterton)

I know people who like calling another an ass…well here’s a synonym for a change of pace and with more syllables. People who use more syllables have more heart. Ok so that’s just my theory. Same goes for bigger muscles…ok kidding on that…half kidding…

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3 Catholic Questions You May Have Never Thought to Ask

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Habemus Papam! Ok, today we have a different Pope. Not Pope Francis. But Monsignor Charles Pope from the Archdiocese of Washington. I heard a talk by him at the ICC (Institute of Catholic Culture) but in my Diocese of Arlington, and I instantly became a big fan. For the traditional Catholics, you might like him too as he is all about celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Continue reading “3 Catholic Questions You May Have Never Thought to Ask”

Be a Villain of Jesus…Keep Latin

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Tan Publications has a book The Faith of Our Fathers by Father James Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore. It was originally published in 1876! That’s for the old school win! There is soooo much goodness in this book, but this is a blog and we’ll mention just one quote from the section on Latin. Continue reading “Be a Villain of Jesus…Keep Latin”

Satan, demons, and the Name of Jesus (part 2)

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I received a positive response on my blog “Removing the Name of Jesus” so here’s a couple quotes I came across this morning that are related.

I came across it in the Manual for Spiritual Warfare from TAN publications. This isn’t an online source because I’m old school (even though I contribute to the online world). Anyways, there’s a section called Victory in the Name of Jesus. Today, we’re going to look at 2 quotes from that section about using the name of Jesus to fight Satan and the demons.  Here’s the first: Continue reading “Satan, demons, and the Name of Jesus (part 2)”

Christmas with Thor and Manly Men

Merry Day 2 of Christmas! If you follow the Liturgical calendar and not the secular calendar that is. I wonder if people who celebrate Christmas before the Christmas season forget about how the world was getting worse with morals, evils, idolatry, etc. before Jesus came to intervene. I held off on playing Christmas music until Dec. 25, and I experienced the following quote by Bishop Fulton Sheen: Continue reading “Christmas with Thor and Manly Men”

Removing the name of Jesus

Not only do some people horribly say Jesus name when things don’t go their way, but also is His name removed from certain prayers. I was leisurely reading The Catechism in Examples by Fr. Chisholm (published in 1919 so old school for the win!) and I was curious any changes in prayers.

And there it was. The devil is in the details. I saw the “Grace before Meals” prayer was the same except for one small (in terms of the number of words, but huge spiritually speaking) difference. The name of Jesus is said and prayed in the older version of “Grace before Meals!” Instead of the current common Grace before Meals prayer, “…from thy bounty through Christ our Lord…”, it has,”from thy bounty through JESUS Christ our Lord.” Continue reading “Removing the name of Jesus”

The war on babies – part 2

A pro choice person JACKED my car magnet! It’s an assumption on my part of course that the person is prochoice. Hopefully I’m wrong. BUT if that’s the case, let’s say a prayer for that person 🙏

By the way, here’s an image of my stolen car magnet.

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