The war on babies – part 2

A pro choice person JACKED my car magnet! It’s an assumption on my part of course that the person is prochoice. Hopefully I’m wrong. BUT if that’s the case, let’s say a prayer for that person 🙏

By the way, here’s an image of my stolen car magnet.

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Sweetness Part 2 (Raisins)

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Our country is obese because we love sugar. How’s that for getting more views on today’s blog? (because it’s negative…#typicalFrontPageNews) Continue reading “Sweetness Part 2 (Raisins)”

Weird birthday thoughts

Tomorrow is my birthday. And this year it falls on Thanksgiving. What could you be more thankful for, than me?! #egoTrip

Being a human, (animal body with a rational soul if you want to use philosophical terminology…some people might get hung up on the word “animal body” so let me explain real quick that it means it’s physical…unlike angels who are pure spirit…as well as sensational…higher than vegetation which doesn’t feel pain), I therefore continuously think during waking moments. I know philosophy sounds weird to many people but those aren’t even my weird thoughts for today’s blog. Here are my pre-birthday thoughts this year: Continue reading “Weird birthday thoughts”

Thanksgiving Thoughts to Be Grateful For

How to Thrive on Less Sleep

Obviously, we thrive better when we include prayer in our lives. We can over achieve as laymen in praying many “hours” using the Divine Office. But if we live crazy busy lives, what is one way we can fit these prayers into our day? Or rather, have our lives centered around these “hours”? #gottaKeepChristNumberOne Continue reading “How to Thrive on Less Sleep”

How Mike Knows When It’s Cold

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This is the time of the year, where it seems that I hear the following comment almost daily:

“Mike, you’re going to get sick dressed like that.” -the world

To start off, let me know say that I’m not bitter or offended.  I just find it interesting.

Now, I’ll give reasons for why I do this. And by the way, I’m not an extremist. I wear a jacket when there’s a blizzard. Continue reading “How Mike Knows When It’s Cold”

Let’s have an even more bloody, gory Halloween this year

I remember right after college, I went to Kings Dominion during Halloween season. I vowed to never go there during that time of year ever again. I didn’t like the blood everywhere. But if gore is your thing, let’s channel it in remembrance of the following : Continue reading “Let’s have an even more bloody, gory Halloween this year”

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