Partem Aliquam

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In the Traditional Latin Mass, during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the priest asks for a partem aliquam.

Partem aliquam: It is very beautiful.  The little word aliquot is particularly touching. The priest does not ask much, just “some” part, a very little place with the martyrs in heaven, with all the blessed.  Da nobis partem aliquam: give us a little place.  The priest does not ask more: may a small place be afforded him with the enumerated martyrs.

-Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in his book, The Mass of All Time

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A Hospital for Sinners


It can sometimes FEEL (but not actually the case) like the church is a museum of saints especially when we:

1) are not telling other people our sins outside of Confession.

2) do talk about sins, it’s about the sins of others. Continue reading “A Hospital for Sinners”

Mary’s Munificence


Where does the time go?  This is my 64th blog since starting this a year ago at about this time.  But here’s an update:  I’m planning to blog LESS frequently going forward for the benefit of both myself and subscribers.  Instead of about once a week, I’ll plan to blog once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Maybe even once a month.

The benefit for me would be better quality writing and thinking.  Just by the very nature of online writing, what used to be better formed arguments degrade to aphorisms.  Thoughts become puns.  Rhetoric becomes telegram style.  Now even though it’s downgraded, aphorisms, puns, and telegrams are still intelligent.  Just not as deep.  Thus, the resolution to spend more time in deep thought yet still keep the not as deep intelligence. Continue reading “Mary’s Munificence”

7 Summertime Opportunities to Grow in Virtue

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Fr. John Bartunek has written books for some of my favorite Catholic publishers such as Sophia Insitute Press and Servant Publications. He also wrote Summer Meditationswhich is appropriate for the season we’re in right now! Based on his book, here are 7 virtues we have the opportunity to develop thanks to the season of the year that we’re currently in. Continue reading “7 Summertime Opportunities to Grow in Virtue”

St. Therese of Lisieux=Greatest Saint?

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I started listening to the podcast called “RomeCast 11” after the priest/speaker, Fr. Peregrino of that podcast was interviewed by Taylor Marsall.  Check both of them out!  They’re both great.  Both are Traditional Latin Mass peeps too. Continue reading “St. Therese of Lisieux=Greatest Saint?”

The Gift of Godliness

Before getting to today’s topic, I’d like to share a blog written by Monsignor Charles Pope that came out on the ArchDiocese of Washington website pushing for an old school come back for the emphasis on Pentecost.  Here’s 1 point to mention from the blog to get ya interested in checking it out:  Since 1970, we lost the Octave of Pentecost (thank God we still have the octaves for Christmas and Easter) as well as calling Sundays, “the first Sunday after Pentecost, the second Sunday after Pentecost…”  Instead, we call it, “the first Sunday in Ordinary time, the second Sunday in Ordinary time…”  You can find the article at:

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Slow as a Turtle (part 4)

Today’s personal note actually related to today’s blog topic!  My personal note is that I asked my priest boss if I could ring the bells during the weekday Masses (during the Epiclesis, we get one ring, and during the consecration when Our Lord is lifted up for all to adore, we get 3 rings…and same for the Blood of Our Lord).  You can think of it as trumpets solemnly resounding and praising at the arrival of our King.  It relates to today’s topic of going slow because we may not be able to bring all our traditions back in one day, but this little bit is at least a step forward.  As small as it is. Continue reading “Slow as a Turtle (part 4)”